Lung-on-chip and BBB-on-chip models presented

The AKITA team has been all around the world presenting our work at conferences. Most notably we attended the LIVe2022 conference in Nice, France, the South Summit conference in Madrid, where Mimosa presented our microphysiological lung model. The microfluidic model showed intact barrier formation and replicates barrier leakage upon inflammatory agent exposure. Reach out to Mimosa to know more!

A549 and HUVEC cells forming the airway-on-chip barrier under dynamic flow.

Our CTO Tuan presented his recent results on rare vascular disease research and cancer metastasis studies done on our lumen-on-chip platform at SLAS Europe 2022. To know how our standardized, high throughput platforms can be seamlessly integrated into your experiment/drug discovery workflows ping him!

70 micron diameter endothelial lumen generated under microfluidic flow. 

Siiri, our barrier scientist, presented the blood-brain barrier developments at the SNOG-FIBTRA SYMPOSIUM 2022. Siiri has also shown LPS mediated BBB inflammation on-chip, and subsequent recovery using Fuoxetine and Imipramine.

Co-cultured mouse BBB model with mouse ECs and astrocytes showed significantly improved BBB integrity compared to ECs alone. 70 kDa dextran Papp: 1.9E-7

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