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Want to perform 96 simultaneous TEER measurements for your tissue cultures? Now you can!

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Microscopy has been the standard for observing cell viability and physiology, but prevents continuous and repeated measurements without intensive investments. Electrical readouts are fast, and can be repeated when needed. AKITA Lid is a multi-channel TEER (trans epithelial electrical resistance) measurement device made for the AKITA Plate.

TEER (trans epithelial electrical resistance) measurements have been vital for rapid and repeated analyses of cells in layered cultured conditions. TEER is the most reliable non-optical measurement technique required for assessing biological barrier integrity. 

AKITA Lid is a 4-electrode TEER instrument designed with customer ease as the top priority. Complete wireless control and monitoring allows one-step data collection and remote monitoring. Multiple Lids can be synced to provide an overview of large experiments, making it truly a HTS- and HCS-ready system.

Technical specifications

Up to 96 simultaneous measurements

Multi-frequency measurements

Ultrawide range from 1Hz to 200kHz

Full compatibility with standard cell culture inserts - use with control static transwells!

Platinum electrodes

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