Complete dynamic fluid manipulation

With AKITA® Wave completes your research setup with optimized and compatible original AKITA® devices

See how it works

Pump-free fluid manipulation allows for complete freedom. Say hello to our AKITA® Wave. The smooth rocking motion allows for continuous culture medium perfusion through the microchannels of the AKITA® Plate. The rocking angles and the rocking rates are fully controllable, allowing model-specific conditions to be set by the user. 

Wave fits any and all standard cell culture incubators on the planet, irrespective of gas, humidity and temperature requirements.

Large experiments? Control up to 20 AKITA® Wave rockers at the same time!

AKITA® Wave rockers can be synced with any of them assigned as master, and the rest will follow its routine. The accompanying mobile app allows you to monitor the progress of the experiments, and any possible interruptions in the lab.

Tech specs

Controllable angular range from -40 degrees to +40 degrees

Rocking speed from 1 to 20 per minute

Continuous and intermittent operation for weeks

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