Biology replicated – reliably.

Finnadvance develops the AKITA® platform: next generation humanized in-vitro models for drug development and research purposes. We provide the highest throughput platforms with great in-vivo correlation.

About our mission


Faster, cheaper and more accurate is an understatement.We’re helping the world discover new medicine at a faster pace.

Early stage drug discovery suffers from lack of complex models, animal-reliance, and fails to predict human outcome. Mimicking human biology reliably in the laboratory is the key to accelerating drug discovery. 

AKITA is the pinnacle of engineered tissue models, providing a microfluidic culture platform for reconstituting biological barriers in-vitro in the familiar high throughput well plate format, providing dynamic fluid flow without pumps, and can be analyzed with electrical sensing and is compatible across all optical measurement techniques.

Application areas

Cancer cell migration
Immune cell migration
Safety & toxicology
Barrier Leakage
Drug / molecule permeability

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