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In our flagship publication, we have unveiled the working and applications of our organ-on-chip microfluidic platform AKITA poised to transform tissue engineering, disease modeling, and drug testing. This innovation marks a significant shift in preclinical studies.

Key features of the AKITA microfluidic platform:

Versatile Design: highly adaptable for various research needs from low to high throughput, automation compatible assay.

Advanced vascularized Tissue Modeling: Optimized for studying intricate structures like the blood-brain barrier, skin, and lung, AKITA provides precise flow control and conditions aiming at the highest physiological relevance for enhanced predictability of in vivo and patient outcomes.

Ultra-fast Barrier Monitoring:label-free and in real-time measurements of endothelium / epithelium tightness through trans-epithelial electrical resistance TEER sensors enhance experimental accuracy

Seamless Laboratory Integration: Designed to fit existing workflows and laboratory equipment seamlessly, AKITA streamlines complex research processes with automation compatibility.


Impacts and future directions:

> AKITA’s introduction signifies a pivotal moment in biomedical research.

> Its ability to mimic human physiology positions it as a critical tool for precise disease modeling and efficient drug testing.

> AKITA accelerates new treatment development and personalized medicine by reducing reliance on animal models and enhancing predictability.

> Beyond drug discovery, AKITA opens new horizons in understanding complex disease mechanisms, shaping the future of healthcare innovation.

Read our article on TissueBarrier journal or download a free version on BioRxiv platform

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