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Our AKITA platform allows the in vitro modeling of vascularized epithelium, tissues and organoids. I works similarly to a transwell plate - with semi-permeable membranes - with major improvements which include:

  • A standard 96- or 384-well plate layout
  • Compatibility with common automated pipeting equipment
  • Fast barrier integrity measurement with the TEER lid, compatible both with AKITA and transwell plates
  • Automatized confocal imaging
  • Bilateral flow which improve model performances

It may be used for multiple application:

  • Toxicology tests with fast barrier integrity measurement by our TEER Lid
  • Blood-brain barrier-on-chip: test your small molecules PK/PD with our tight and polarized model, also compatible for toxicology
  • Vascularization and immune cell migration
  • Single and multiple organs-on-chip
  • Omics
  • and more ...

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