Finnadvance and BioSurfaces announce new commercial partnership

BioSurfaces is pleased to announce a groundbreaking commercial partnership with Finnadvance. This alliance is set to redefine the landscape of in vitro biological barrier models by the integration of membrane scaffolds into a patent-protected MPS setup. Our combined expertise is now channeled into offering cutting-edge 3D solutions for blood-brain barriers, vascularization/inflammation, colon, lung, and more, in away that's scalable, biologically authentic, and exceptionally user-friendly. Discover our joint colon-on-chip application note.

Introducing the Bio-Spun™ Scaffold:

BioSurfaces marks the birth of a new generation of biocompatible scaffolds (Bio-Spun™) for microphysiological systems (MPS) such as microfluidics or organ-on-a-chip. These innovative Bio-Spun™ scaffolds eliminate the need for animal protein coatings, vastly improving ease of use while ensuring high reproducibility in experiments ranging from low to high throughput. Entrance into the MPS area expands on BioSurfaces’s in vitro research tools (IVRT) products which apply Bio-Spun™ scaffolds onto individual inserts and high-throughput screening plates (  

A word from BioSurfaces President and CTO, Matthew Phaneuf: “We are excited about working with Finnadvance to provide our Bio-Spun™ scaffold for the Akita platform. This is the first MPS application for our scaffolds, expanding on our existing IVRT product offerings.  Recent data related to assessing several of our Bio-Spun™ scaffolds in the Akita platform using gut cells demonstrates the benefits of our 3D scaffold.  We look forward to continued growth of Finnadvance’s Akita platform with our Bio-Spun™ scaffold.”

The AKITA Microfluidic Barrier Platform:

With AKITA’s groundbreaking technology it allows for the Bio-Spun™ scaffold to be easily applied to create the ultimate microfluidics system. This partnership is set to revolutionize the field, offering researchers an unprecedented opportunity to work with biological barriers in a way that was never possible before.

And now a word from Finnadvance's CEO,Prateek Singh: "Our partnership with BioSurfaces is a game-changer,significantly enhancing our ability to meet diverse customer needs for bio-compatible cell culture tools and simplifying the handling of our AKITA platform." This partnership is driven by a shared vision to bolster our joint manufacturing capabilities, addressing the growing demand for more biologically-relevant and adaptable cell culture systems.

Why opt for Bio-Spun™ x AKITA?

> Simplified Operation: Say goodbye to the complexities of coating with our plug-and-play solutions

> Enhanced Reproducibility: Achieve consistent, reliable results in every experiment

> Biologically Authentic: Our systems closely mimic natural 3D biological barriers with unmatched precision

> Scalability: Adapt and tailor your experiments to the dynamic nature of your research

> Future-Ready: Stay ahead in the fast-evolving world of biotechnology.

Join us in this exciting journey as we pave the way for innovative solutions in the life sciences sector. For our customers,this partnership signifies a leap forward in biotech possibilities. Let's make the next generation of more human relevant bench-top models to improve drug discovery and disease modeling!

Discover our joint colon-on-chip application note here.

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